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Actuater Operated ball valves

Amin Engineers is leading Valve automation system manufacturer with almost all sizes of ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves. There are more than 50000 valve automation systems running in the field. Huge installation are put up in Oil & Gas, Pharma, Power, Cement and other process industries. Rotex has emerge as leading manufacturer of Valve Automation system in India and World. It is one of the few companies in the world who manufactures all the Valve automation System accessories like Pneumatic Actuators, Limit Switch Boxes, Solenoid Valve, Positioners, Air Lock relays etc in-house. This gives a Rotex a leading edge compare to competition in terms of Price, Quality & Delivery.

Amin Engineers Offered Wide range of valve are automated in our valve automation centre. Ball valve from 1/2 inch class 150 up to 30 inch class 2500 can be automated and tested in our works.

Valve automation are automated using, Air lock relays, limit switch box and air filter regulators.

We use stainless steel bracket couplers optionally. As a standard we use steel bracket and coupler powder coated.

Manual override are available with latch delatch lever, worm and worm wheel type,

Hydraulic manual override can be installed on scotch yoke actuators.

Valve automation is completely tested with all accessories and readings like quick shut of valves are tested and recorded.

Quick shut down valves are automated in our automation centre. The quickest valve done so far is 20 inch class 2500 , triple offset butterfly valves with Scotch yoke actuator, shutting down in less than 0.5 sec.

Emergency shutdown valves are assembled with partial stroking device like Rotex PST using solenoid valve and limit switch box, or a smart Positioner.

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